Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bridged Mode And Opik TV - The Easy Way

In my previous post about switching the Actiontec v1000H into bridging mode I mentioned the need to turn on IGMP Proxy on the attached router to get Optik TV working properly. If this feature is not turned on your TV signal will drop every few seconds. This has to do with the way your router handles IGMP Multicasting. While this may work for some advanced users, not everyone will have this feature on their router, and there is a simpler solution.

You get two public IP addresses for every Telus account. You can switch the Actiontec into bridged mode, connect your router to one LAN port and connect your Optik TV box into another LAN port. This lets the Optik TV box bypass your routers LAN network and gives it direct access to the internet. In this configuration you don't need to worry about multicasting/IGMP Proxy settings.

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Here's a pretty good explanation of IGMP Proxying

Downsides to this setup configuration is that you don't have control over the overall bandwidth used between your TV Box and router network. This may be an issue if your network is regularly congested (maxed-out bandwidth) on your router LAN and you're trying to watch TV at the same time. This is normally handled gracefully when the Telus TV Box is inside your LAN by Quality Of Service (QOS) settings on your router. These QOS settings are set by default on the Actiontec. While in theory this is a downside I haven't noticed any issues.


  1. Oh my gosh, this post is gold. I have a sweet router but I've been forced to use the Actiontec because of the restrictions in the setup. Telus support refuses to help me as well. Terrible. Stumbling upon this has made my day. Going to spend some time doing this in the AM.

  2. I'm using this configuration but Cable boxes goes down after few days/hours. I have 3 cable boxes and all 3 are on "initializing" after a while. Temporally solution is to reset the V1000H, login as root, connect WAN, wait until TVs has signal again and then change again the V1000H to bridged mode. I'm also disabling the DHCP on the V1000H and the Wifi.

    Another thing that have noted is that, while on bridged mode, cable boxes had taken kind of a random slow behavior. When you open the guide, channels don't show previous (small Picture in picture). Also, while playing back recorded video, first it starts with a black screen and stays like that until I select "resume playback" on the menu. And finally, when changing channel, you can see some lag to display the image.

    Something weird is going on with this setup. I'm tempted on resetting my V1000H and just putting my N66U on the DMZ, although NAT would suck.

    Or maybe... I'm doing something wrong (????)

    1. Not too sure how you could be using this configuration with 3 TV boxes as you only get 2 public IP addresses. One will be used for your router, and one for the Cisco CIS430 (Telus TV box) device. With this configuration the Telus TV box is connected directly to the Actiontec (in bridged mode), not through your third party router. If they are connected to your router, you need to have IGMP proxy enabled.

    2. Why do people commonly refer to almost all TV service as cable? There's 1) cable (dying technology 2) satellite and 3) IPTV. What you are talking about is not cable. Never has been or will be

  3. thanks for all the good info.
    How bad is DMZ compared to bridge mode? Speed/ping issues?

  4. Thank you for all your posts, they are very helpful (and liberating). A few quick questions:
    a) Plugging the TV box to the Actiontec's LAN port when in bridge mode instead of the HPNA port would have the same effect, correct?
    b) Telus assigns two IP addresses so if I plug a third device to the Actiontec in bridge mode such as a second TV box, that should not work, correct?
    c) In my current set up, I have not yet set up Actiontec in bridge mode but I have my own Draytek router connected to a DMZ Actiontec LAN port and all other devices hanging off of the Draytek. I have a separate VLAN and correct multicast settings on it so IPTV is not freezing and it's working fine. However, for some reason, the PVR box does not record. Any tips or insights?

    Thank you,

    Der Doppelgänger

  5. I fixed c). It took a reset on the box. Recording works with the PVR either connected to the Actiontec (not in bridge mode) or my Draytek.

  6. I have Actiontec V1000h with 31.121L.13 firmware which is connected to an Alcatel ONT optical router. My Actiontec router has HPNA cable/ethernet devices connected to it as well as devices on the LAN ports. Because the wireless on the Actiontec is bad, I bought a netgear nighthawk wireless router. I followed another user and used a switch to multiply the one port enabled on the Alcatel. My nighthawk is then connected to the switch and so is the Actiontec. Both Actiontec and nighthawk are gateway mode. The wireless access is great but devices on wireless network can't see the devices on the Actiontec. Anyone know how to remedy this? For example, if I am connected wireless, I can't hit the login for the Actiontec router. Similarly, if I am on ethernet on Actiontec, I can't hit the login page for the Netgear nighthawk router.

  7. My name is Don who is moving from Shaw to TELUS for the Optic package. Here is the chat from TELUS tech support (Donny) on how to configure the Actiontec V1000H.
    Is this TELUS tech guy correct? I am new to this, thanks for any help you can provide.

    Actiontec V1000H - Summary from Donny from TELUS tech support chat points on June 15 2014

    Don: My current dlink DIR 825 Media Router (connected to my Shaw modem) has a 3.0 USB port and allows me to plug in other devices through the 4 LAN ports with no issues. I understand there may be issues with your combination modem/router v1000H connecting to your LAN ports?

    Donny: For clarification, actiontec has 4 yellow LAN ports and 1 gray WAN port
    Donny: All the LAN ports will work as long as the WAN is blank
    Donny: I believe the WAN port or the port 4 is dedicated for routing devices
    Donny: like the VEN501 or other third party routers
    Donny: So that they can route or distribute internet
    Donny: VEN501 is the access point device for the TELUS wireless IPTV box (isb7105) Set Top Boxes to connect to the TV
    Donny: If you have VEN501 and still want so add devices, it is either you plug VEN501 to yellow LAN port and use other LAN port to other devices (make sure WAN is blank)
    Donny: or have another router and plug it to the WAN port then plug the VEN501 to that 3rd party router

    Don: Are you saying that I can plug my dlink DIR 827 into the WAN port then connect off the DIR 827 LAN to the VEN501?

    Donny: Yes

    Don: In that scenario I could then use my USB 3.0 off my DIR 827 and also plug in a NAS

    Donny: Yes

    Don: The DIR 827 is a wireless media router would there be a conflict between the two devices (DIR 827 and VEN501) for the wireless networks

    Donny: They will not have conflict as long as they are not on the same frequency or channel
    Donny: But basing on the training and manual that we have
    Donny: That setup is possible

    Don: It sounds too easy and there is a lot to reviews saying that you cannot plug in other devices like you are suggesting. The reviews talk about before enabling bridged mode on the v 1000h you may want to turn off wireless if you're going to use it on your own router

    Donny: That is somehow ideal because there are some people that wants to have their own router and prefer to have a plain modem but since actiontec is TELUS provided they wish to have it bridged.

    Don: The TELUS provided Actiontec still produces the wireless internet - correct

    Donny: If you prefer to have the actiontec be bridged then you need to talk to our Premium Care of have a local technician check this for you.

    Don: I do not understand why I would want to bridge. From the texts I would connect the DIR 827 to the WAN port on the v1000 then off the DIR 827 connect the VEN501 to a LAN port. Is this correct?

    Donny: Yes, that is correct

    Don: There would be 3 wireless streams to my understanding:

    Donny: Yes wireless from actiontec , from VEN501 the from DLINK

    Don: ok - to summarize if there are 4 lan ports off the v1000 (1 used for the VEN501) can I plug in a NAS or other device to the 3 remaining?

    Donny: Yes

    Don: Why bridge then?
    Don: what is the advantage?

    Donny: As I said, there are just people who wants a plain modem for their own router

    Don: Sounds like by using the WAN port to my DIR 827 internet port I can plug in other devices like I had previously.

    Donny: Yes

  8. Reply to Don's posting talking to Donny from TELUS tech support.

    Resolution: From Actiontec Tech Support
    If using other routing devices, or routers, that is correct.
    You would need to contact TELUS to get the correct level of log in to the router interface to access the Advanced Setup\WAN IP Address\Settings to select an option called RFC Transparent Bridging. You would also disable the wireless portion first.
    Only TELUS has these usernames and passwords for the advanced log in options to allow you to access this level of control of the router. I believe its under a root log in.

    1. They won't give you the login credentials.

  9. Hi - what a pain. The TELUS Actiontec does not meet all my needs. Can someone PM me with details on how to either:

    1. Configure the TELUS Actiontec into bridge mode - called TELUS and got the standard "pound sand" answer. Tried any and all credentials I can find on the net and no dice.
    2. Configure my third party router to take the place of the Actiontec router.

    Can anyone PM me with details?


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  12. this is what worked for me. Also had to keep my Optik TV box plugged into the Actiontec, but seems to work fine after rebooting the optik box (hold power off for 10 seconds via remote control)

    1. How many Optik TV boxes are you running in your set-up?

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